Debt Management and Asset Recovery

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Our Three Step Recovery Process


Tracing is carried out using innovative investigation techniques and bespoke technologies.

Casetrack, our unique recovery management system allows us to tailor our services to our clients individual requirements.

Using a combination of our expertise and technology solutions, we are successful in tracing our clients assets and customers to diverse locations throughout the world.


Repossession personnel are fully trained to deal with any situation that may arise during a recovery.

Navigational aids are combined with direct communication to our control centre, ensuring a swift and effective recovery service.

We have a wide fleet of vehicles fitted with tracking technology allowing us to transport your assets both safely and securely.

Recovered assets can then be stored securely or delivered to a location of your choice.


Collection personnel are fully trained in data protection, call management, and debt negotiation. This training and experience enables our team to effectively manage this high risk element of our client's business.

We offer a totally transparent collections service, whereby our clients' have a "hands on" view of their debt portfolio which can be monitored in real time at any stage of the process.

Our Services

Our services include :-

Collections and Repossessions

Vehicle Management



Asset Recovery
Commercial Collections
Consumer Collections
Debt Management
Tertiary Solutions
Vehicle Repossessions

Keyless and Non-Runner Recoveries
Vehicle Collections
Vehicle Inspections
Vehicle Remarketing
Vehicle Storage
Voluntary Terminations

Professional representation throughout the UK and Europe.

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