Debt Management and Asset Recovery

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CaseTrack Technology

Advanced Account Handling

The system provides our account handlers with secure state of the art tools to manage account information, and build case proifles on debtors; thus allowing for efficient working practices and the cross referencing of data that helps to identify serial defaulters quickly and easily. CaseTrack also provides a full audit trail which facilitates the rigorous adherence to The Credit Services Authority best practice guidelines.

Optimised Asset Collections

Our recovery teams use the mapping technology within CaseTrack to optimise asset collections and provide updated information to account handlers in the main office. Following recovery of an asset, the location of the asset, and the disposal site are tracked within the system, and CaseTrack even handles the administration of any personal belongings to ensure that they are reunited with their owner.

Information collated during the tracing and recovery stage ensures that any debt still outstanding can be collected.

Real Time Updates

Our secure client portal allows clients to interact with CaseTrack directly via an interface built into our website. Clients can send new instructions and access real time updates on the status of their accounts. Additional account information can also be sent directly to the account handler via the system, and clients can also message the account handler directly via the CaseTrack messaging system.

CaseTrack In Action

CaseTrack booked repossessions
Map visualisation of booked repossessions waiting for collection
CaseTrack booked repossessions zoomed
Map visualisation of booked repossessions waiting for collection in zoomed view
CaseTrack account addresses
Map visualisation of account addresses showing address relationship to the debtor

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